Welcome to TFTechSpecs.com! My name is Lewis M. Brooks, III. I have been a fan and collector of Transformers for the past twenty-five years. I started this web site as a resource for Transformers fans. It has gone through a number of iterations over the years. It began first as a piece of downloadable software with only text for American Tech Specs. Then, as it grew, it became better suited for a web site. Then I added some graphics of the Tech Specs themselves, but with twenty-five years of toys, it's become too difficult to type out the Tech Specs. My friend Zabgoth of the Axalon Underground has been compiling an archive of Tech Specs, both American and foreign, for years. We decided to combine my web site with his archive. We now have scans and photos of more than 4,000 Tech Specs and Character Profiles from ten countries spanning twenty-five years of Transformers.

     If you find any mistakes on the site, please let me know. I am a lousy typist and a worse proofreader, so please, if you find a mistake, let me know. We're always looking to add new Tech Specs and upgrade lower quality scans, so if you have any you can provide, please contact me.

     My main site can be found at AWorldTransformed.com. Pictures of my collection, including pictures of nearly 6,000 pieces of Transformers memorabilia, can be found at TFMuseum.com. Please explore these sites, I'm sure if you are a fan of The Transformers, or even if you remember a time when you were, you will find something you like.

     Please see the FAQ for information on how the site is organized. Enjoy!